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Certainteed/Celotex/Capaul Ceilings
Armstrong Corporate
Certainteed/Celotex/Capaul Ceilings
Certainteed Ceilings

10 cartons  FFSB-197  2x4 School Board           2x4 Square Edge      64-sf/ctn
18 cartons  CM494 Cashmere 2x4 Reveal          2x4 Reveal Edge      64-sf/ctn
  2 cartons  CMTS412 15/16" Scored Reveal      2x2 Reveal Edge      56-sf/ctn
  1 carton    CMTS124 15/16"                              2x2 Reveal Edge      56-sf/ctn
16 cartons  CM454 Cashmere 15/16"                 2x2 Reveal Edge      56-sf/ctn
10 cartons CM450 Cashmere Reveal Edge 9/16"                                56-sf/ctn
​  1  carton  CM457 Cashmere Square Edge       2x2 Square Edge      56-sf/ctn  
  4  cartons VAN157  Vantage                             2x2 Square Edge      64-sf/ctn
​  4 cartons  VAN154  Vantage                             2x2  Reveal Edge     64-sf/ctn
​  4 cartons PCM454 Cashmere Fire Rated         2x2 Reveal Edge      56-sf/ctn
  9 cartons PFF154 Fine Fissured Fire Rated     2x2 Reveal Edge      64-sf/ctn
19 cartons BET150 M Manila metric Narrow      2x2 Reveal Edge      62-sf/ctn
  4 cartons 1342-RXS-1Symphoony F                2x2 Square Edge     96-sf/ctn
20 cartons 1342-IOF-1  Symphony F                 2x2 Square Edge     96-sf/ctn
  7 cartons 1340B-IOF-1  Symphony F               2x4 Reveal Edge     96-sf/ctn
  1 carton   1342B-IOF-1  Symphony F              2x2 Square Edge      96-sf/ctn
  1 carton  1340-RXS-1  Symphony F                2x4 Reveal Edge      96-sf/ctn
  1 carton 3542 1560  Ecophon DG Semi Conceal 2x2                       80-sf/ctn
  9 cartons 3542 2263 Ecophon Focus E/24 Reveal 2x2 Reveal        80-sf/ctn
  1 carton 1322-IOF-1  Symphony F Square Edge    2x2 Square      128-sf/ctn
  7 cartons  1342-IOF-1  Symphony F Barrow Reveal 2x2 Reveal      96-sf/ctn
12 cartons  1102-CRF-1  Vinylsheild A Square Edge  2x2 Square     56-sf/ctn
​  6 cartons  1222F-RXS-1  Symphony F RXS  9/16"   2x2 Reveal      56-sf/ctn
  1 carton   1222-RXS-1  Symphony M RXS               2x2 Square      56-sf/ctn
  1 carton  1222BB-IOF-1                                            2x2 Reveal      56-sf/ctn

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