#1202 Classic 12" x 12" Staple-up
Washable for Kithens & Bathrooms
Armstrong Corporate
Certainteed/Celotex/Capaul Ceilings
Certainteed/Celotex Ceilings
USG Ceilings
Chicago Metallic
The Bi-State Area's Most Complete Line of Ceiling Products!!
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USG Sandrift
Certainteed/Capaul Ceilings
Commercial Kitchen Ceilings

  • Vinyl Coated Drywall
-  2' x 4'
-  2' x 2'
Popular Panels:
  • Sandrift®
  • Frost®Clima Plus
  • Mars

Popular Panels:
  • Cashmere® Style Edge
Triple Step Scored
Fluted edge
  • Symphony® m

  • Sand Micro
  • Baroque
  • Theatre Black
Certainteed Funscape Baseball Field
      Baseball Field Design
16 panel design configuration
4 panels x 4 panels
St. Louis Cardinals
2' x 4' Different Pattern on each side
Melt Out Panels
MELT-OUT PANEL:  Lay-in panels are approved to be used beneath sprinkler systems.

MOISTURE PROOF:  Does not support bacteria growth. Ideal for high moisture areas. Will not water stain, warp or sag. Does not contract or expand with humidity changes. Will not rot or decay. 

WASHABLE:  Easy to clean. Resistant to most acids & alkalis. 

ThermoTile 2' x 2' Reveal or Square Edge
#1207 Ultra 12" x 12" Staple-up
#1225 Elite 12" x 12" Staple-up
Panel Sizes Available:

  • 2' x 4'
  • 2' x 2' 
  • 12" x12"
Rustic Pine Plank
Popular Panels:
  • #1201 Raised Panel©
  • #1205 Raised Panel©
  • #271 Sahara
Popular Panels:
  • Cirrus®
  • Dune™
  • Cortega®
  • Optima®
  • Ultima®
Ultima Tile with Axiom Trim
Wedge TL
Plaster Ceiling Panels
Above View Plaster Ceiling Panels

Classic Panel
Coffered Dentil
Quad Wedge
Quad Wedge
For Use in  Standard 15/16" Grid
  • Coffered 
  • 2  x 2  Plaster
  • Lay-in Panels
Classic Panel TL-0002 

Coffered Dentil TL-0017 

Wedge TL-0060

Quad Wedge TL-0062

Armstrong #1205 Raised Panel
#1205 Raised Panel©
Woodhaven™ Plank Ceilings

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